5 ideas for reducing your plastic consumption in a day

We share our favourite easy tips and ideas for reducing your plastic consumption throughout the day – whether that’s swapping your bathroom products for plastic-free alternatives or choosing a reusable coffee cup option.

Our Kinds Team

July 4, 2022

Join the challenge and go plastic free this July and beyond! We share our favourite easy tips and ideas for reducing your plastic consumption throughout the day – whether that’s swapping your bathroom products for plastic-free alternatives or choosing a reusable coffee cup option, we’re here to inspire you to make a positive change.

We’re sure plastic (and single-use plastic) needs no introduction. The ways in which it has reared its ugly head in almost every aspect of our lives is well researched and documented, so we know you’re aware of its negative impacts. It’s not good for us, and it’s not good for the planet. And while plastic has become a significant part of our lives, it’s not unavoidable!

The good news is that more and more initiatives are helping and inspiring us to reduce our plastic consumption and to positively contribute to a sustainable future. Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution and it urges anyone and everyone around the globe to make the conscious decision to say no to plastic throughout the month – and hopefully, even past July.

At Our Kinds, we believe that the future is in the people’s hands, and that together, we can strive for a sustainable future. For us, this starts with everyday decisions that all add up in the long run – benefitting not only individuals, but the organisations and communities that take the leap and lead the way when it comes to sustainability. We are shifting consumption culture through design, and our first goal is to make the single use takeaway cup redundant globally – which ties in perfectly with this month’s aspirations!

Below, we have collected 5 easy ideas for reducing your everyday plastic consumption – from the moment you get in the shower in the morning, to the moment you wind down at night. By introducing these small changes to our lives, we can create lasting habits and foster positive change not just in our own lives, but in the lives of friends, family, and our communities.

How can you reduce your plastic consumption this July?

6am: Take a plastic free shower – Opt for shampoo and soap bars

Whether you start your day with a workout or roll out of bed and straight into the shower, your bathroom is a place where you can start substituting many products with plastic-free alternatives.

You can now get soap, shampoo, conditioner,shaving cream and more in bar form, without any packaging or just a simple cardboard box – you use these every day, so by swapping for their plastic free cousins, you can stop many plastic containers from ending up in landfill each month.

TIP: Brands like LUSH, Ecostore,or even local zero waste company Perth Soapworks sell a variety of bars. It’s also worth checking out your local farmers market for handmade and small brands to support.

7am: Brush your teeth with a free conscience – Choose a bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste bars

Just as the aforementioned bathroom products will likely have a bar alternative that’s much better for the environment, toothpaste bars are also a great choice when it comes to reducing your plastic consumption on a daily basis.

All those plastic tubes ending up in landfill or our beautiful oceans, when we could be making a small conscious change towards sustainability! Pair it with a non-plastic toothbrush such as those made from bamboo, and you have a plastic free pairing for a minty start to the day.

TIP: Get your toothpaste bars from one of our favourite eco-conscious brands, Love Beauty Foods.

8am: Start your morning with a sustainable coffee – Choose reusable cups or dine in

Another great way of reducing the amount of single-use plastic you buy and discard within a day is by choosing a reusable cup and lid (or better yet, no lid!) when it comes to your morning coffee. At Our Kinds, we understand that a delicious hot beverage can be an important part of your morning ritual – but that doesn’t mean you can’t say no to plastic!

While many of us own reusable coffee cups,we often forget them in our cars or at home. We know that it’s not always easy to keep on top of all the sustainable alternatives you buy and store at home – which is exactly why we came up with the OK solution. Our participating cafes all have reusable cups that you can choose to take away without a lid and enjoy coffee the way it’s meant to be enjoyed (latte art and all), or opt to buy a reusable lid, which is yours to keep. No apps, no fees. All we ask is that you bring the cup back – and people do!

TIP: Check out the many Perth-based cafes we have on board and ready with their reusable OK cups: The Corner Store, Little Rokeby, The 5 Four Store, Sorganic, West End Deli, Cool Beans, Eugene’s Pizzeria, Piccolo, Moore and Moore, Quasimodos, The Freo Merchant, Breaks, and Parlapa.

To find out more about Our Kinds, click here.

12pm: Say no to plastic at lunch – Bring your own container

We get it – some days, there is simply no time for meal prep and home-made lunches. It’s easier, and sometimes tastier, to duck down to a close-by deli or to opt for takeaway amidst busy schedules. The good news is that you can reduce your plastic use even at lunch. While you might not have time to prepare something delicious each day, we’re sure you have time to pop a Tupperware container in your work bag and bring with you wherever the day takes you. That way, no matter what cuisine you decide on, you can ask the staff to put your portion in your own container.

Be mindful, however, that not every business will be happy to comply – so choose your lunch spot wisely, and save on single-use plastic takeaway containers.

TIP: You should always consider using what you own instead of buying new things – however, if you’re in need of new Tupperware, check out the Good Sammy op shops around town and shop second-hand.

6pm: Wind down at night – Reduce plastic in your skincare routine

You wouldn’t think so, but even skincare could be harmful to the environment. Not only their packaging and the many small and non-recyclable tubes they come in, but also the amount of microplastics they often contain. Microplastics can come from bigger items breaking down, but they are also commonly added to consumer products like face wash and exfoliators. Luckily, there are many biodegradable alternatives, so avoid items with “polypropylene” or “polyethylene” on the ingredients list and you should be okay!

Other ways you can reduce the number of unsustainable habits in your skincare is by swapping your cotton and plastic swabs to ones made from paper or bamboo, or by investing in or making yourself a few fabric makeup removing pads.

TIP: Check out Perth-local skincare brand Mokosh for both clean skin, and a clean conscience! Alternatively, try making your own at Donut Waste’s DIY skincare workshops.

If you’d like to see even more tips for reducing your plastic consumption this month, check out Plastic Free July’s website.

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