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With single use cups and lids being phased out of the hospitality industry in the coming years, cafes and café owners face a decision: where to from here? Our Kinds has the solution.

Café owners need a solution that is going to work for them. A model that will be streamlined into their business plan and won’t detract from efficiency or flow.

Our Kinds stepped up to create a sustainable solution, one that we see becoming the industry standard. The goal is to create a standard reusable cup that can go to scale and be supplied out through the existing supply chain, to replace the standard single use cup. 

We are testing our solution to make sure it’s right for you. Our first trial at The Corner Store in Subiaco saved 7000 cups and lids in just 6 weeks. They also broke even within the first month after implementing the Our Kinds system. We are expanding our trials to calibrate our solution. Testing at multiple cafés means we’re creating a system that aids everyone’s morning coffee rush.

Six out of eight Australian states and territories have committed to ban single use plastics.

Our Solution

What is the Our Kinds solution?

It is a community based reusable cup system designed with non-personalised blockchain data. This means we’re tracking the movement, not the people. Our system runs as a subscription service that we organise with partnering cafes.

The process

We'll meet and discuss your needs and output to determine your cafe's best option and then if you decide to go through with it, we'll help you set it all up.

The basics of the set-up process include:


Delivering and unpacking the cups and included Our Kinds products with you and your team


Setting up scanning system


Adding the blockchain QR codes to any reusable cups you've already got in circulation


Supporting you with social and mainstream media announcements

Our future together

We have a simple vision—to see Australia’s hospitality industry thrive under the new sustainability legislation and we’d love for you to be a part of the journey that makes it happen.

Get Started

Complete our survey and tell us a bit about your Café so we can see if Our Kinds is a good fit for your business. Once you've completed your survey we'll get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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