Perth Based Coffee Roasters to Inspire Your Next Brew  

A collection of Perth coffee roasters that you should keep in mind next time you're stocking up.

Felicity Smith

February 15, 2022

Melbourne may hold the position of Australia's coffee capital but Perth is closing in fast. Here is a hand selected list of Western Australian coffee roasters and bean makers we've been happily waking up with.

1. Crema Coffee Co

Good People. Great Coffee. That’s what Crema is all about. Crema began as a roaster and café and expanded into an all-round roasting powerhouse. They’ve dedicated themselves to innovating and passing on knowledge to other cool coffee connoisseurs in their vicinity.

Although they began in Perth, their HQ and team of coffee geniuses is now based in Canning Vale. They're open 8am-4pm Monday to Friday and if you'd like to plan a trip and talk all things beans they'd be more than down.

If you're stuck at your desk and need some coffee delivery though—check out their coffee bean and accessory range here!

Our pick? A sultry mid strength blend called Element. It’s golden syrup, chocolate and hazelnut undertones make it feel like your morning brew is hugging you back.

2. Timely Coffee

Hot off the French Press is Timely Coffee. They're a carbon neutral coffee subscription service based in Bayswater championing sustainability and flavour exploration.  

If you're new to the endless amount of coffee descriptors (or just have trouble keeping up, like me) they've got a clever colour system in place that means you can remember the brews you love—without having to grind through the jargon. The subscription service is catered to your needs and if you choose minimum impact packaging you get 10% off!

(Did we mention your first subscription order is free??)

Take a look at their gigantic range here!

Wholesale and public distribution.

3. Twin Peaks

A small but mighty craft coffee roaster that pride themselves on the beauty of simplicity—so obviously we're fans. They're expert roasters that want to open up the coffee conversation to everyone in the industry (baristas, dishwashers, café owners, coffee drinkers) so they can find the best blends for the people around them.

They've even taken the time to add in brew guides to their website so you can level up your skills—or just get a grasp on what your local barista is getting all excited about. They've even sorted their selection according what you're doing with the grinds—espresso? Pairing with milk? Filter? Whatever your method is, they've got you well and truly covered.

Browse their current selection here.

Wholesale and public distribution.

4. Leftfield Coffee Roasters

Karmen Nowduschani and Louise Gordon are accomplished coffee industry experts who have been swimming in the ever changing  Australian coffee scene for over 20 years and Leftfield is their brainchild.  They've packed the space with roasting gadgets to ensure precision and like keeping everything as local and family operated as possible! They've basically landed in a perfect middle ground between love and science.

They offer free shipping on retail orders and free Perth-metro delivery on public orders of over 4kg. With blend names like Fat Puppy, how could you not give them a go?

The beautifully curated batches can be found right on their website.

Wholesale and public distribution.

5. Mano a Mano

Mano a Mano (meaning hand to hand in Spanish) is a speciality roaster based in West Perth. They pride themselves on ethically sourcing and highlighting in season blends. They do this through small batch roasts that lift up and highlight the unique qualities of each region.

Bit of fun trivia? They also use leftover bread from their Fremantle bakery (an ingenious convict inspired tradition) to hand craft spirits in their distillery. A waste lowering initiative that ends in a G&T? Phenomenal.

Mano a Mano's range of beans, accessories and spirits can be purchased here.

Wholesale and public distribution.

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